Prodigy 5 Nutritional

​How would you love to have a nutritional supplement that actually can survive the harsh environment of your stomach to deliver nutrients?

​This is revolutionary technology is going to change lives both financially and wellness.

Prodigy-5 ships in an envelope worldwide inexpensively.

How wonderful that this product will be available to virtually anyone, anywhere.

​No more heavy and expensive bottles to ship.

Prodigy-5 is delivered in small powder packs - just add water.

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1. Technology and Know How: 
TramsArmor technology to deliver the nutrients safely to your stomach and delivery into the blood stream.  We are so blessed to have the credibility and brilliant Drs. Ambati and Saucedo. Powerful technology. 

​2. Phytoplankton
First food - Check mate of food in the conversation of nutrition

3. Anti-oxidants
Protect your cells

4. Vitamins
Researched using this technology

5. Energy
Healthy and powerful way to get energy without the crash

Sweetened with Pomegranates and the flour from Stevia
Prodigy-5 Product Highlights